Mixed Tape ‘Precious Selection’ – our new compilation is now online!

Brand new – and all yours: Our latest round of Mixed Tape tunes by ten international talents is ready for download! To claim your free compilation just follow this direct download link.

Mixed Tape Music has moved to its new home base at mb! Magazine – come along with us! And while you are there make sure to sign up for the new newsletter to stay up-to-date on all things Mixed Tape!

This will be the last post from here – from now on you’ll find us at our new place to be. We’re celebrating this exciting occasion with our brand new Mixed Tape ‘Precious Selection’. We’ve made every possible effort to enthuse you with this especially eclectic selection of precious picks which cover a huge range of genres and nationalities, from nu soul to modern folk and Bahrain to Estonia.

In addition, the compilation comes with a magnificent cover design by Dutch illustrator Raymond Lemstra. Watch out for our accompanying feature for a more in-depth look at the artist’s life and work, which will be online from tomorrow.

Last but not least we would like to thank all featured musicians and our gifted cover artist for their terrific contributions!

We hope you enjoy their precious works and look forward to receiving your feedback!

Last chance to download our Mixed Tape ‘Silver Vibrations’ and first chance to preview the upcoming one!

This is your last chance to download our current Mixed Tape ‘Silver Vibrations’ featuring cool silver sounds from ten promising, international talents and a great cover artwork by Benjamin Edmiston from New York – as from tomorrow our new Mixed Tape ‘Precious Selection’ will be online!

To claim your free copies of the current and the upcoming compilation, you just have to click the download button of our Mixed Tape Music player top right at our new home.

Also, we still wonder what your favourite songs are. If you haven’t done it yet, please participate in our user poll and let us know your personal picks from the latest Mixed Tape ‘Silver Vibrations’ here.

To tease and please you for the forthcoming Mixed Tape ‘Precious Selection’ we leak the first song from the new compilation as a little preview. Listen to the ethereal, quietly beautiful sounds from the Lithuanian modern folk hero Markas Palubenka via the www.soundcloud.com player below:

Markas Palubenka – jazz by Markas Palubenka

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Mr. Woodnote – jazzy loop pedalist meets gifted MC and strong soul songstress (incl. interview)

Did you ever wonder how solo artists like Reggie Watts, Dub Fx or Jarle Bernhoft manage to sound like a full band? It’s with the help of a loop pedal (also known as looper pedal, loop station etc.). This useful tool started its triumph with one-man-bands during the last decade. We’ve interviewed the Australian-born now Bristolian Mr. Woodnote – a gifted saxophonist, beatboxer and looper – about his work with that exciting box of tricks. If you’d like to dig deeper, you should also read our loop pedal special at our new home including lots of info on the functional principle, popular devices, direct quotes from looping artists such as Jamie Woon, Clara Lindsjö and Mixed Tape artist Kassandra Papak etc.

Mr. Woodnote and his pal Lil Rhys are the most infamous buskers out of Bristol – known for getting down on the street all over Europe. While Mr. Woodnote is responsible for the whole instrumental part including bouncy beats, funky horns and fat basslines, which he creates live on the spot with the aid of a loop station, his saxophone and as a human beatboxer, Lil Rhys blesses the audience with his rhyming skills. After countless street sessions the dynamic duo took their career to the next level playing concerts all over the world and recording their album ‘Modus Operandi’ in 2011. Nowadays they often work in company with female MC and songstress Eva Lazarus (of Dub Mafia). Mr. Woodnote exclusively gave an insight into his mind …

Check out the live video below as an example of his work with the magic little device, before you dive into his thoughts. After the jump you’ll also find an amazing music video off his current album.

Why do you work with a loop pedal? What is so special about working with it?
It’s the best toy I have ever owned and it’s fun to work with it. As the best jam tool ever it enables all sorts of instrumentalists, drummers, singers etc. to become creative with it – people even use them in ways they weren’t originally designed for. For example a loop pedal lets me be the whole band and make all the decisions over all the parts on the fly.
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Mixed Tape is moving to a new home. Come along with us – it’s gonna be bigger, better and brighter!

Only six days to go: on the 28th of February our move to our new home will be completed!

From then on our free download compilations will be launched exclusively at mb! Magazine, starting with our forthcoming Mixed Tape ‘Precious Selection’. In the face of this special event we promise that we’ll enthuse you with this especially eclectic selection of precious picks from around the world.

But there’s more to it than that. You’ll also find three terrific articles by the Mixed Tape editorial team including an exclusive video feature starring the musical prankster and Mixed Tape regular, Mocky. We met the entertaining singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer (Feist, Gonzales, Jamie Lidell, Nikka Costa etc.) in his new home base Los Angeles where he took us beyond the obvious Hollywood clichés – and behind the scenes of modern music production.

Everything’s bigger, better and brighter – so come along!

Me And My Drummer create lovely moments of indie pop intimacy (incl. free mp3)

Berlin-Based duo Me And My Drummer just released their debut single ‘You’re A Runner’ via Sinnbus Records, home to artists like Bodi Bill and Hundreds. While Charlotte Brandi (keys and vocals) and Matze Pröllochs (drums) describe their sound as dream pop, it’s hard for us to pinpoint their affiliation with any particular genre as their sound oscillates between different poles. To our ears their music sounds rather Scandinavian than German, due to creating a harmonious collage of synth pop, imaginairy folklore with melancholic sentiments, indie pop and song-oriented electronica.

The two songs off the single more or less represent these poles: The title track represents the indie/electronica side. It begins rather quiet, builds slowly and successively establishes an energetic stream that pushes towards a climax, that will carry you away. For the b-side ‘Runner (Reprise)’ the duo strip off their electronic garment and offer calmly intimate nordic folk pop reductionism at its best. Charlotte’s voice forms a tender, immediate alliance with the sparse instrumental backing. You can almost sense that this is not just a band, but a loving couple circling around each other in the boxing ring of their music.

Have a look at the ‘Runner (Reprise)’ video below and grab your free download of ‘Down My Couch’ here.

We’ve noticed Charlotte singing that ‘there is a transformation going on’ … which reminds us of the transformations that are going on at our editorial team as we are about to incorporate Mixed Tape into the mb! Magazine within the next days. So watch this place and check our Facebook page regularly in order to stay tuned.

Artist info:

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